About Patrick

Did a man like Charlie ever notice the butterflies? That man was wise in the ways of the world. But wasn’t it easy been wise in that small way. The meanest minds became the great ones of the world’s wisdom because the really fine minds saw that such success wasn’t worth while. Politicians, businessmen and all that breed could be beaten blind at their own game if the good men tried. He was quite sure of that.

-Patrick Kavanagh’s ‘Tarry Flynn’

Who am I?

My name is Patrick Noonan. I am from Limerick originally but have been living and working in Dublin since 2012, with a few years in London too.

I have a B.A. in New Media & English and MSc. in Marketing, Consumption and Society. Both from the University of Limerick.

Since graduating I have worked in product management. I’ve worked with tech companies to ensure they are creating and building the best features for their users and ensuring they are delivered on time; skills we wish our politicians had. 

After taking some time to travel and hike in 2019 I returned to Dublin to a new job as Head of Product. However, after only two short months the investors pulled their funding and the company went belly-up.

Rather than be discouraged , I looked up and saw that an election was likely on the horizon. Perfect timing to share my new ideas with the country and bring some much needed humanity back to politics in Ireland.

What makes me right for the job?

I am not your traditional politician. I focus on solving problems. I follow the research, I follow the data. I think very differently than most politicians. I am not ideologically based, I am solution oriented. I will change my mind if I find a better solution to the problem at hand.

Coming from a background in product management my role was to liaise with multiple departments, each with their own disparate priorities and help achieve consensus on what to create next and then shepherd ideas from inception to reality in the shortest possible time.

Such a mindset will be a breadth of fresh air in the current political climate.

What kind of TD will you be?

The main priorities that influenced my decision to run were:

  • The impending threat of job automation
    • 40%+ of Irish jobs are at high risk of automation
  • The existential threat of Climate Change
    • My plan is the most aggressive out of anyone running
  • A Secular & Modern Ireland
    • The influence of the Catholic Church needs to be curbed
  • Transform Ireland into a beacon of progress for the world
    • We have the people and resources to become an example of what’s possible
    • We just need imagination and bravery to act upon new bold policies

As an Independent I will work with anyone to solve problems! My entire focus will be on getting stuff done, not winning the game of politics or getting credit.

I have an extensive list of new and unique policies. When I am elected I will sit down with TDs and get a feel for where they stand on each of them. I will then breakdown each policy in to 4 buckets:

  1. Majority of TDs agree with my policy:
    • Rank the policies based on support and systematically work on making them law
  2. Some TDs agree but not a majority
    • Identify which TDs we need to persuade. Mobilise the public both nationally and in TDs constituencies to help persuade them
  3. Only a minority of TDs agree but the public agrees
    • Mobilse the public nationally to persuade TDs
  4. Neither TDs nor the Public agree with me
    • Share and discuss my ideas and reasons for believing in them with the public to try and persuade them

Adopting this approach will ensure I’m working on the most impactful ideas.

Explore my wide range of polices and any questions let me know!